Developmental Perspective of Attachment with Children in Foster Care: Developing a Lens of Attachment throughout the Ages

Attachment provides a unique interpretive lens that enriches our ability to make developmentally sensitive recommendations that support children, parents, and foster parents. This four-part program provides grounding in attachment and evaluating the quality of child-parent relationships.  Professor George will introduce the principles of attachment theory and several gold standard attachment procedures that are used for assessing quality of attachment and care-giving relationships children, teens, and parents.  Each portion of the workshop will use case material to demonstrate the application of the principles and discuss how to integrate these principles in treatment.
·         Attachment in latency-age children
·         Child attachment assessment: Parent-child interaction 
·         The Strange Situation - Interactive assessment in middle childhood
·         Observational parent-child interactive assessments
·         The Attachment and Caregiving Q-Sorts
·         Child attachment assessment: Attachment representation Procedure
·         The Attachment Doll Play - Representational assessment of child attachment 4.5+ year-olds

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Location: Oakland

Time: 9:00AM to 4:00PM

CEUs Available (6)