Behavioral Health

Behavioral Health Services at A Better Way

A Better Way offers expert, trauma-informed Behavioral Health Services to some of the Bay Area’s most vulnerable children, youth and families. We are dedicated to serving children and youth who are in – or at risk of entering - foster care. Our support, treatment and parent training helps these families overcome the impact of poverty, community violence, mental health problems, addictive illness and patterns of child abuse and neglect that put their children at risk. All of our services are designed to heal children, improve caregiving relationships, and increase families’ self-sufficiency.

A Better Way’s Behavioral Health teams are made up of Therapists, Family Partners and Occupational Therapists - all highly skilled professionals with advanced training in Evidence Based and Evidence Informed Practices. Therapists offer family-centered, strengths- based counseling to help families develop the insights, communication skills, and behaviors that will help them reach their goals. Family Partners are members of the team who have personal experience advocating for their child within the educational, mental health, developmental or legal system. Family Partners help parents feel welcomed and supported, connect them with resources, and inspire them toward their very best. Occupational Therapists offer innovative and highly effective treatment to help children who struggle with issues such as Sensory Integration, trauma-related hyper-arousal and regulatory problems related to prenatal drug exposure.

Specialized Services:
  • Children between the ages of birth and five require comprehensive assessment and care provided by providers with advanced Early Childhood training.
  • Children in Foster Care need services that are tailored according to their safety and permanency needs. (Permanency is a term describing every child’s legal and emotional right to grow up within the context of safe, loving, lifelong relationships.) Children in Foster Care achieve permanency through reunification or adoption – each of which can require specialized support services. Foster Children who do not have a permanency plan are particularly vulnerable and require focused, permanency-informed care.
A Better Way offers Behavioral Health services that are customized to the exact needs of the people we serve. Please see individual service descriptions for details.