Child & Adolescent Permanency Support Services

Child & Adolescent Permanency Support Services provide comprehensive mental health care, parent training and placement stabilization services to Alameda County children and youth (ages 5 – 21) and their families. This program is designed to meet the needs of children and youth who are in or at risk of entering the foster care system. We offer individual and family therapy in our clinic, in the community, or in the family’s home. 

Services in this program help children and caregivers develop insights into the behavioral and emotional issues that precipitated treatment while also developing the skills and relationships that will allow them to thrive. For children and youth without a permanent and stable home, our services are designed to help the child/youth and their County Worker stabilize placement and develop a solid permanency plan. 

Assessment and treatment are collaborative, strength-based and family-driven. We help people develop their own vision for success and identify the supports and obstacles that they may encounter as they move toward their goals. For county-involved families, we also help families understand any concerns that the county may have, and to shape treatment goals that take these concerns into account.

Operated through a contract with Alameda County Behavioral Health Care Services