Early Childhood Services

A Better Way’s Early Childhood Services are designed to deliver early intervention that facilitates the emotional well-being and optimal development of infants and young children, ages birth through age 5, at risk for emotional, behavioral, and developmental problems. 

Our services include:

Developmental screening, assessment, and monitoring;

Dyadic (Infant-Parent/Child-Parent) and family therapy;

Parent training;

Targeted family support services;

Infant massage training and bonding classes;

Parent education and support groups.

We work with biological, foster, and adoptive parents as well as any other significant caregivers who play a role in the child’s life. Any child between the ages of 0-5 with Full Scope Medi-Cal is eligible for these services. Services can be provided at the clinic or in the home.

Our Early Childhood Services are based on the following key elements:

Relationship-based: We listen carefully to families to help them identify, clarify, and address issues that may be affecting their developing relationship with their child. We also help parents become more attuned to the cues and needs of their children.

Strengths-based and Family Driven: We mirror parents’ best qualities and strengthen their capacity to provide safety and nurturance to their child. Our Family Partners help parents feel welcomed and respected – inviting them to engage fully in a Family-Driven treatment process. Our teams help parents see themselves as strong and loving parents. When new parenting skills are needed, we provide them with the training and supports that every parent deserves.

Access to state of the art care: We utilize evidence-based and evidence-informed interventions to assure that our community's neediest families have access to the best treatment available. Interventions such as Parent Child Interaction Therapy, Incredible Years Parent Training, Attachment and Bio-Behavioral Catch-Up help us provide effective care that empowers parents to raise children who are safe, loved, and connected.

Culturally-sensitive: Every family is a unique expression of overlapping cultures and identities. Part of every parent’s journey is to reshape the traditions and wisdom that they have absorbed as they form the culture of their new family. We understand how cultural values and beliefs are expressed in child-rearing practices, and we explore and honor caregivers’ views about how their child’s life should improve.

Developmentally-informed: We carefully assess the child’s strengths and vulnerabilities across various domains of developmental functioning including social, motor, cognitive, linguistic, regulatory, spatial and sensory domains.

Concrete help with concrete needs: We address concrete needs of families by helping them to access community resources and broaden their social support network.

These services are provided at our Berkeley and San Francisco offices.