Psychological Evaluation

All of our services rest on a foundation of respectful curiosity about each individual we work with. A person’s thoughts, emotions and behavior are shaped by the ways in which they perceive the world and the ways in which they understand those perceptions. We cannot see the world through another’s eyes, or feel the world from inside another’s skin. But we can develop a clear picture of many aspects of the intellectual and emotional processes that define a person’s perception and experience of the world. We are then able to offer this picture to children, youth and families so that they come to understand themselves more deeply.

One way to illuminate a child’s or youth’s inner world is through Psychological Evaluation. Our Psychologists gather important information from key people in the child’s life. When we have a sense of the child’s strengths and challenges, we use evaluation tools, carefully chosen to illustrate precise aspects of the child’s intellectual and emotional world.

The information we gather through Psychological Evaluation improves our understanding of what makes the individual tick. A summary of this information is shared with the family and the A Better Way treatment team – offering valuable insight that can enhance their ability to meet the child’s specific needs.