Our Mission & Values

Our Mission

A Better Way empowers children and families to develop the insights, life skills, and permanent relationships that promote their social, emotional, educational and economic well- being.

Organizational Values

Family Empowerment
We believe that each family has inherent strengths and the capability to create a positive and healthy environment that contributes to the well being of a child.  A Better Way strives to build on those strengths in a caring, non-judgmental, and supportive environment and to support the child in building lasting connections and stability in their lives.

Cultural Humility
We celebrate and respect the cultural and ethnic heritage of each person.  A Better Way approaches diversity with respect and builds on the unique differences of each family in a compassionate environment built on respect and inclusiveness.

Successful Outcomes
We believe that positive results for families come from the creative, efficient, and appropriate application of a wide variety of evidence-based practices.  A Better Way staff will strive to use best business practices in delivering services to the children and families we serve.

Community Collaboration
We believe that we can only achieve excellence in service through honest cooperation and collaboration with the families themselves, with community partners, and with governmental agencies.  A Better Way strives to create ownership and responsibility with all agency partners for successfully achieving permanence for children.

Professional Workforce
We believe that our families, funders, and the community deserve services delivered by a qualified, trained, and professional workforce.  A Better Way employees and volunteers are committed to providing services in ways that demonstrate our integrity, respect, resourcefulness and passion.