Strengthening Families, Parent Education and Family Relationships

Child Development
Fostering the Family to Improve Outcomes for Children
Developing Healthy Family Attachments
Strengthening Your Family
Creating Structure & Routines
Praise and Encouragement
Raising Responsible Children
Conflict resolution
Sibling Rivalry
Misbehavior & Discipline
Effectively Handling the Power Struggle
Separate Household – Bridging the Parenting Gap Between Homes
Understanding the Challenges of Kinship Care Relationships
Disaster preparedness and crisis safety
Understanding the impact of multiple placements for youth
Boundaries and good practice with youth
Communicating with youth
Developing Effective Helping Relationships
Health and nutrition for youth in foster care
Adolescence 101 - Parenting a Pre-teen/Teen
Helping youth problem solve
Promoting pro-social behavior
Supervision skills for caregivers of foster care youth
Pre-teen Development
The Transition to Adulthood
Personal rights of youth in care
Mental Health, Trauma and Special Needs

Adolescent Mental Health Issues
Adolescent Substance Abuse
Depression and Bipolar Disorders
Preventing Self Destructive Behaviors
ADHD, ODD and Conduct Disorder
Managing Anger and Aggression
PTSD and Anxiety Disorders
Psychotic Disorders
How youth respond to conflict
Microaggressions and their impact on youth in care
Challenging Behavior Management
Crisis Intervention
Understanding Grief & Loss (Separation & Abandonment)
The Impact of Trauma on Child Development and Learning
Child Sexual Abuse: The Trauma and Impacts
Understanding child abuse and caregiver reporting requirements
The Abuse Spectrum
Child Prostitution
Helping To Heal Childhood Wounds
Parents and Children of Addiction
How Trauma Affects Separation and Attachment Milestones
Unconditional Parenting: Managing the Unique Challenges of Severely Troubled Children
Communication skills for young people with disabilities
Conflict resolution with youth with developmental disabilities
Identifying and meeting needs in work with youth with developmental disabilities
Interdependence - Integrating youth with developmental disabilities into community
Personal rights of youth with developmental disabilities in care
Team building in work with youth with developmental disabilities
The importance of supervision skills for youth with disabilities
Understanding Autism
For the Caregiver

Compassion Fatigue : The Importance of Self-Care
Understanding and Supporting the Process Of Grief and Loss in Children, Youth and Ourselves
Stress Reduction Techniques for Caregivers of Foster Care Youth
Integrating Nature Awareness into Programming for At-Risk Youth
Inner Life Skills
Self-Care Tools
Breath-based Interventions
Reading Body Language
Movement and Balance as Interventions
How My Buttons Get Pushed
Preventing Burnout   
Secondary Trauma Parts 1 & 2
Staff Development and Support

Liability Issues and Reporting Requirements
Legal and Ethical Issues
Boundaries and Good Practice
Stress Management for Youth Care Providers
Time Management
Team Building
Creating a Positive Program Environment
Communication Skills Working with Youth
Using Strengths Based Approaches with Youth
Behavioral Interventions with Youth
Improving Education Outcomes with Youth
Behavior modification with youth
Community resources for foster youth
Creating fun activities for youth in care
Engaging reluctant families
Identifying and meeting needs in work with youth
Helping children with birth family connections
Leadership skills in work with youth
Supervising youth in group home settings
Supporting Young People with Developmental Disabilities in the California Service System
Transition and permanency planning for older youth
Training for Trainers in Cultural Humility
Working with:
-Developmentally disabled youth in care
-LGBTQ youth
-Low functioning and difficult parents
-Multi-generational teams
-Special Needs Youth
-Youth who run away from out of home placements
Home Visiting for Home Visitors, Peer Mentors and Family Advocates
Developing Effective Partnerships
Outreach and Engagement to Hard-to-Reach Families
External Stressors of Families of Origin
Sexuality, LGBTQ and Cultural Issues

Adolescent Sexuality Issues
Creating supportive living environments for transgender youth
Cycle of Oppression
Cultural humility in any of the following topic areas:
-Religious faith
-Social class
-Sexual orientation
-Sex and gender
-Ethnicity and culture of origin
-Systemic oppression
Human sexuality
Human sexuality for youth with disabilities
Improving Services for LGBTQ Families of Color
Teen Culture